Eastdil Secured Superday for 1st Year Analyst - Excel Test (PLEASE HELP)

I've recently been invited for a final round superday with Eastdil Secured in their Boston office. I was wondering if anyone who has been through this process could shed some light on how to prepare for this and what they could ask for? There seems to be many posts where people say to PM them for a case study/excel test that they have. Would anyone who has done one of these excel tests for first year analyst out of college for a brokerage firm (JLL, Eastdil, CBRE, etc) be willing to share it with me? It would be incredibly helpful

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PM ME. Haven't done eastdil's superday but could probably help you on the modeling test.

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Turd-Ferguson, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I superday'd for a different office so I cannot say that the one I faced was the same. BUT the one I took was seriously nothing to worry about. If you've done even basic real estate valuation before you can do it; I sat down in front of a computer between interviews and they just gave some rent growth/V&C loss/OpEx assumptions plus Year 1 metrics obv and it was like a 5 year pro-forma at most. The only questions to answer were finding a price given exit cap, IRR (I can't remember if it was levered, unlevered, or both) and maybe NPV of the cash flows? Thing took me 10 of the 30 minutes. They were a lot more concerned with fit and making sure you can handle the hours than the test, which most people could do with minimal prep.

Feel free to PM

crebee, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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