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I have an interview at Colliers in a few weeks and needed help with preparation. Colliers seems to be a commercial focused brokerage firm but the position is for a capital markets analyst. Would appreciate some help with the valuation methods used, as well as possible things I should know for this interview.

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It's a capital markets/sales role.

Background is in investment banking - M&A advisory

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I'd say just know why brokerage coming from IB, modeling did they say this is a round they are going to give you a test? That's usually a second or third round after you talk to HR and maybe someone junior on the team.

Know why brokerage, why colliers, ask about interesting deals they've worked on if they're on the team, ask why they decided to join, team makeup - again this is if it's not HR. Capital markets analyst probably just need to know what area they focus, so I see cap markets as larger deals $50mm+ confirm that. Biggest are why this team (do they have an asset class focus?), why brokerage coming from IB which they are both similar as middle man so maybe why RE for you, why Colliers overall, why this market/team.

Usually pretty easy I say due to variety and scale of deal flow, if I previously only focused on 1 or 2 asset classes and they cover everything say to get more exposure to a variety of asset classes, Colliers overall just kind of jerk them and say work for the top brokerage in the market with great resources and support for someone at the junior level. Things like that, they could be not true but people love compliments and you want a job. Don't go overboard but one comment here about it is fine.

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Thanks for the response. HR said that the modeling round would be an argus test after meeting with the hiring manager (not HR). Would you say given what I have said this would be a technical round? 

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Ahh ok so this seems to be the first round after you applied, it will just be why Colliers, why this team, tell me about your background, why this market. I had similar for CBRE and just said due to variety and experience of deal flow, looking to build off current skillset, they prob want to hear 1-2 strengths/weaknesses too (search interview guides on here has everything). 

Don't go overboard, these people generally don't know what they're talking about in RE and this is just a check the box is the answer they gave what we want to hear. So just be personable, give them standard answers, and practice your responses before so you don't stumble.

The Argus test, is it in Argus? Otherwise it's just Argus CFs and they prob want you to build from cash flow after DS down to Lev IRR, maybe get EM, why this deal is good. It's just Argus CFs in Excel to build off of. Any idea on timing? I'm assuming you'll have like 2 hours.

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The person that interviewing me is within the capital markets team so I was thinking he may press me on something? The recruiter said that he wanted to meet me and then afterwards there would be a case analysis on argus. Im guessing that it would be like you said a cash flow model and how you'd arrive at levered IRR. Given that, do you think it would be intense? This is my first official interview after talking to the recruiter.

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Oh so this is someone on the team - also could you reply to my comments under the same thread lol so it's all in one. Up to you, but anyway yeah more about your experience, why this team, know about deals they've done which you can weave into why this team (in terms of asset class focus or for questions after).

I'd highly recommend looking up that interview guide on technical questions, know how to get to NOI, whats a cap rate, relationship between PP, cap rate, and NOI,  what are reasonable cap rates for deals they focus on in that area, what's going on in the market (rates, etc), what asset would you invest in today and why, where do you see the market in 5 years, where do you see yourself in 5 years (hint say at the firm, looking to grow, etc not leave even if true). Have your story down of why switch to brokerage, I usually say bc face paced environment, more deal flow, exposure to variety of deals.

If they ask do you have excel experience - yes, can you do xyz - yes (have a response for how would you do that if they want to test you). Even if excel is not true you will learn before your test (don't say this in interview).

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