Portland Entitlement/Development Process

Had a couple of questions regarding the development process in Portland, OR. We've been interested for a while and are finally starting to get some traction.
From a high-level, I was first curious as to the entitlement/permitting process. I'm used to a 9-12 month process from initial site plan submission to pulling permit. I'd imagine given Portland's fairly socially-liberal environment that it would be similar. Thoughts?
Second, from a construction POV, is it standard to need to do significant subsurface work? I've read a good bit about new buildings and renovations alike doing "seismic" improvements, leading me to believe so as well. Would also be curious as to thoughts there due to associated schedule/cost impacts.
Lastly, are there any curveballs or city-mandated design items to be aware of? I see most buildings targeting LEED or celebrating other environmentally-conscious metrics, so I'd think not doing things like that could be considered taboo. I also see a lot of steel and wood over concrete, but imagine weather has a lot to do with that. Additionally, are there any development fees that should be budgeted for other?
I'm in the process of setting up calls with local people and will continue pressing on these items with brokers, but figured the ole WSO forum would be a good place to ask for info as well.
Thanks a lot for the help.

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Sep 16, 2019 - 11:27am
InVinoVeritas, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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