Academic Misconduct Record Impact on MBA

I just received a FT offer to work for a MM firm, and suddenly doing an MBA becomes real to me. However, I had an academic misconduct record and was told that when applying for graduate programs this info 99% is going to be shared with any institutions I plan to apply. Not to minimize how much of an idiot I was at the time, the misconduct was a first time thing (no probation no suspension, but grade for that class was penalized) and I performed well academically since that.
Anyone knows how bad this looks if my goal is to get into Sloan/Booth/Kellogg etc?

Most schools actually ask you if you have any disciplinary/criminal issues in the application form. Definitely if you get into a school your record will come up in the verification process. Own the mistake in your optional essay as stated above and have a story ready showing how you have concretely grown from it.

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Can I ask whether you had gone through the application process and is it worthwhile to use consulting services for MBA application? It's still too early to think about all these little things but I'd really like to prepare ahead of time and gather anything necessary for getting into a top program. Coming from a non-target was the biggest drawback for me breaking into IB and I don't want suffer from that pain for a second time.

All the school that I applied to asked for academic or general misconduct in undergrad. You can call the registrar and asked what will be shared. The undergrad I went to had a policy to destroy records over 5 years old unless there was a gross infraction. I was written up in the dorms a few times freshman year and was worried about this, but turns out it was thrown out after 5 years, so no need to bring it up.

Every school asked this question that I applied to in some form. Almost all of them asked about criminal, academic conduct, and behavioral conduct in university.

Wharton only asked for things that resulted in criminal arrest or academic probation. They didn't seemed concerned about things like minor drug/alcohol infractions in the dorms.

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