Admission to Bocconi MSc

Hello everyone, I am a second year student of Economics and Finance in a public university in Italy and I'd like to try my luck for a MSc at Bocconi. This is my profile:

  • 28.85/30 GPA (29.24 if 30 cum laudes are counted as 31s)
  • English C2 (CAE grade A)
  • Few extracurriculars: a part-time job in an unrelated field and member of a Finance club
  • no international experience

My first choice would be the MSc in finance but unfortunately I think that my profile is not good enough. I have heard that the admission for AFC is easier, do you think that I might have any chances?

Could you suggest any other Bocconi MSc program that I could aim for? I was thinking about ESS, but I don't know much about the other ones.

And lastly, what would you suggest to improve my chances of getting admitted? I'll start preparing for the GMAT in the summer. I can't go on Erasmus, would a summer school be useful in any way?

Thanks in advance :)

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Dantès21, what's your opinion? Comment below:

GPA is good, internships are not as important to get admitted to a MSc in Bocconi but it will be harder for tou to find internships compared to other students who have some experience during undergrad. That being said if you get a good gmat (high 600 or 700+ to be safe) you have really good chances of getting in. Consider applying also to the italian taught Master in finance. I studied finance in English in undergrad and moved to the italian class and have to say that even though I did not choose it as first option ( my gpa was around 28.7 but needed ~29) it played out well. Courses are exactly the same and teaching materials are still in english.

AFC great course gives you same opportunities, obviously finance is more respected because of how hard it is, but no big difference in terms of employment.

ESS is super quantitative (even more than Finance) and would not consider it unless you are really gifted at maths/stats and like doing economic research. Again, very good program, good employment. It's up to you to choose what you would most like to study.

In any case try getting an internship, it will help you a lot with recruiting during your first year. Get a good gmat and you should be fine for Finance and AFC! For any questions send me a dm.

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thelg, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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