Best Grad Programs for EM Trading

Hey everyone. I just got a great internship at a BB where I will (hopefully) be trading EMFX and EM local rates. I spent my last 2 summers at another BB learning equity derivatives so hope to trade vol on the products I mentioned. This being said, I have to figure out what to do in this upcoming year since I have to extend my graduation; I'll graduate May 2024 from UG and hope to do a 1-yr program after that to not just sit around bc I'll lose my fucking mind.

Based on this time parameter, I found some programs that I feel would be interesting and wanted some of your input. I'm torn between 1) doing an MFE (maybe do 2 semesters and do the 3rd one part time) at a place like Columbia or Baruch or 2) doing a program like Yale's IDE or Oxford's Development Economics. I have a preference for 2) since I'm getting tired of doing math, so not sure how excited I'd be for an MFE. I also wouldn't mind going to Europe since I did not have the chance to do study abroad in college + I was raised over there in my childhood and it wouldn't be a bad idea to reconnect to my roots... would also be kinda fun to get hammered all over Europe for a year lol.

I'm specifically looking for advice on option 2). anyone know any more of these 1yr programs or any others that can be good for EM?


edit 1: any thoughts on LSE MSc Financial History? Also always been interested in history and I feel like this could be fun too


Based on the most helpful WSO content, it seems like you're considering a variety of programs to enhance your skills in EM trading. You've mentioned a preference for programs that are less math-intensive and offer a chance to study in Europe.

From the programs you're considering, the Oxford's Development Economics and LSE MSc Financial History could be a good fit. They're both one-year programs and are based in Europe, which aligns with your preferences.

The Oxford's Development Economics program could provide you with a broad understanding of economic principles, which could be beneficial in your trading career. On the other hand, the LSE MSc Financial History program could provide you with a unique perspective on financial markets by studying their history.

However, it's important to note that these programs might not provide the technical skills that are often required in trading roles. If you're looking for a program that's more tailored to your career in trading, you might want to consider the MFE programs at Columbia or Baruch, despite their math-intensive curriculum.

Remember, it's crucial to choose a program that not only aligns with your career goals but also your interests and learning style. After all, you'll be spending a significant amount of time studying, so it's important to enjoy the process!

As for other one-year programs, you might want to consider the Vanderbilt MSF and MIT MFin programs mentioned in the WSO Dataset. These programs are well-regarded and could provide you with the skills needed for a career in trading.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Sources: Making The Jump - Construction Manager to Development, Breaking into REPE/development from appraisal, Best one year finance master's, 2 year PE MF program with MBA requirement - potential exits?

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