Breaking into IB from Eastern Europe

Hello all, 

I am 19 and starting my first bachelors year at the best public university for Economics available here (located in Eastern Europe). Needless to say that this university, even being by far the best public one here, has no concrete connections to target schools in Central Europe..They offer a 3 year bachelors with a 2 year integrated Finance major and most of the guys who finish it get a job in commercial banking right after they finish (they are 24 by then).There is another private one here which my parents need to raise a loan for but it has 2 professors who worked at Morgan Stanley. That university is even connected to St. Gallen so it's absolutely far beyond the public one when it comes to helping you break into European IB.The main thing I want an opinion is, should I finish the public 5 year one, while having side jobs generating income through those years and then with that money go for a 2nd masters in Central Europe which would help me break into the industry - or is my only real option cashing out with my family on this private one which has clear connections with target schools?

Thank you in advance. 

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