Decision of study & internship - need advice

Hi guys,
I am an international in Frankfurt and just graduated from bac. I received offer at MIF Frankfurt school days ago (did not apply for others), however i am hesitant since FS does not really seem to be the target aboard. I gained several experiences already in M&A and PE. Currently i have an internship offer at one of the top m&a groups in Frankfurt later this year, with two options:
-1. Take Frankfurt school, do the internship and work for the fulltime
-2. Take a gap year, meanwhile more internships and prepare better GMAT.

What would you suggest in my position? Thx for advice!

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Isthisanonymous, what's your opinion? Comment below:

TBH, I don't really see the point in doing a MiF if not top tier considering your internships. You could almost convert your coming internship directly in FT (not familiar with German rigor regarding recruitment so I might be saying total BS here).

Never heard of Frankfurt school (I am French), although maybe is it enough if you are willing to stay in Germany

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Merci bcp frr ;) the concern on ranking and reputation is exactly what i ve been thing - not many were recruited in London / out of Germany, even though they place well in Frankfurt. It might help me a bit if my bac was one of the top in Paris?

I am seriously thinking of the option 2 right now.and try my best to stay FT there. Otherwise I would be happy to be back to Paris for master!

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Isthisanonymous, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Dumb question but wdym by "bac" ? I thought you were talking about bachelor degree but I am doubting now that you said you are French too. Maybe can you develop a bit about your past studies

I just thought: it could be interesting for you to apply to ESCP MiF which do not require GMAT, give 6 months in London and is pretty well renowned

When is your internship is supposed to be ? The answer will probably weaken my suggestion above

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