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By far - Wall St. For McCombs will have the biggest impact on your recruiting. Not even close compared to the others. Not in this but have several friends in the program, pretty much everyone lands a top BB/EB or buyside internship. Very competitive program to get into but the training and network opportunities are top teir.

The rest of these like USIT look good if you're gunning for public markets, they like to see that stock market club stuff but in reality its not going to make a huge difference IMO. These clubs place well because everyone in them is hardos, and hardos place well, not because the club actually helps you. Lot of the people in these are borderline insufferable and act like they're PMs at Viking and not college students running a 50k book all in blue chips, but if offers a decent learning and network opportunity from what I understand - these kids place very well into P72 but again probably doesnt matter much if you're going for IB 


disregarding the top programs such as WSFM and TUIT, realistically, being apart of something like USIT and maybe one other club should be good enough and not overwhelming yeah? I’m not even sure how clubs work in McCombs. Are they a genuine time commitment and require effort or are they pretty laid back generally?

Any other advice when it comes to clubs/programs at UT?


Most of the clubs you mentioned here have a big time commitment. Honestly internships >>>>>>> clubs. maybe the clubs help you get the internships, idk. I would try as hard as you can to land WSFM as its the top pipeline to nyc finance. 

Most Helpful

Same guy that commented about freshman internship and finding people on LinkedIn.

I have nothing to do so I'll give my take on each of these orgs and their placement.

First, Wall Street for McCombs (WSFM) and Texas Investment Banking Association (IBA) are the two best orgs to be in if you want to do high finance out of undergrad. Historically, everyone in these orgs gets an offer during recruiting. WSFM sends probably 85%+ to NYC, and a couple kids to Houston/Dallas, maybe one or two to SF or Chicago. If you want to do banking in NYC, getting WSFM makes your life much easier. It's hands down the best professional organization at McCombs. IBA does great as well, but it's more location-agnostic. Not nearly as focused on NYC as WSFM is, but there is so much overlap between the two that most kids in both orgs go to NYC. They each have around a 20% acceptance rate if I had to guess. The interviews are basically like the interviews you'll have at a bank when recruiting happens. Must know technicals, have good behaviorals, and a strong resume (GPA, involvement, experiences). It REALLY helps to be in one of the other sweaty finance orgs to get into WSFM/IBA. Being in a frat/sorority/business frat can help too. ****Didn't specify this. These recruit a few months before internship recruiting starts. Right now, it's for sophomores only.

Now for the individual orgs.

TUIT - probably the best finance org to be apart of outside of WSFM/IBA. They usually get all of their kids into WSFM/IBA. Big time commitment from what I can tell. I always see these kids in the computer lab where people work on pitches together. As of recent it seems like they have the best placement- top BBs/EBs, some on the buyside out of undergrad. Typically only take freshmen, but they do recruit fall and spring. Application is open to sophomores but from what I have heard you basically need an offer in hand to be competitive. I'm pretty sure they run a portfolio.

USIT - USIT is really a great organization and it's open to everyone at UT, major does not matter. They run the Texas Stock Pitch (national stock pitch comp) and Texas Charity Pitch every year. They have analyst groups that you can apply for which help develop general investing acumen. Meetings each week include a pitch or some lecture that's focused on finance. However, SCG is where you want to be. SCG runs a portfolio in the $40k ish range where they invest in securities. Usually comes from pitches. SCG is pretty competitive, and they take freshmen and sophomores at the analyst level. Juniors/seniors can be fund heads where they focus on a specific sector. SCG sends a lot of kids to WSFM, BBs/EBs, RX gigs, and buyside out of undergrad. Pretty big time commitment for the freshmen/sophomore positions from what I can tell.

UFA is also open to everyone at UT regardless of major. They're really laid back. I don't know much about their consulting/banking prep groups. I'm sure they're good, but I can't really speak to it. They are usually a bit more broad in their focus of finance. They bring a lot of speakers in to talk about a variety of jobs. Definitely great to attend if you're unsure about what you want to do within finance.

Texas Stock Team - TST is a great org also. Have pretty solid placements in WSFM/IBA. Classes have been a bit more broad in what they go into. Can see from their alumni page that they send kids to banking, consulting, corp dev roles. They have a small portfolio. Do a fair amount of pitches from what I can tell. 

Texas Finance Team - TFT is a subset of the Asian Business Students Association I think. I don't think it's a requirement to be Asian to join, but I think over 90% of the org is Asian. Not sure if that applies to you, but something to keep in mind. Don't really know much about them. They seem to have good placements so I'm sure it's a great group to be in.

Texas Equity Group - TEG is traditionally a finance org for kids in Greek life. They have added some kids recently who aren't, but vast majority are in frats or sororities. Absolutely killed placement in IBA/WSFM this past year, and they get great offers. Pretty sure they manage a fund and do pitches. Given their Greek ties, they seem to have more social events/outings than other groups. 

I don't know much about the other orgs you listed so I'm not gonna touch on them. Would say that for the most part though the only one that would really help is Texas Energy Capital for energy banking in Houston. 

I can PM you if you'd like any more information about these groups, I just don't want to blurt out a bunch of identifiable information and doxx people. 


+1 for WSFM

Also - not "business" club related, but being a Cowboy / Spur alumni is incredibly helpful in the long run (e.g. post-analyst stint FT) just from a pure networking standpoint


TEG in miscellaneous is crazyyyyyy. TUIT, USIT, TEG run McComb's IB scene. They have direct pipelines into WSFM and IBA because the exec who select WSFM/IBA members are all from the big three- and therefore pipelines into Wall Street.


I think everyone has pretty much covered it, but if your focus is Houston/Energy IB, TEC is definitely the way to go. It was the first year this past year and had every sophomore that recruited place in Houston… Also is well funded with 450k+ investment fund


Having gone through recruitment for Wall Street for McCombs and IBA, I think it is fair to say the clubs you can join as a freshman to give you a really good shot at WSFM as a sophomore are TUIT, TEG, and USIT (junior analyst). That being said, other finance organizations will also help you prepare for WSFM and IBA interviews. The pipeline orgs would definitely be TUIT, TEG, and USIT.


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