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I was recently accepted to the ESCP BSc in Management for the Paris - Madrid - Berlin track for my undergrad, and I was wondering if it'd be a good decision. Although, some negative reviews refer to it as a "cash cow."

The other school I was accepted to and considering was the University of Liverpool with a BA in Business & French. It's a BA instead of a BSc and 4 years instead of 3. I'd be paying approx. 21,000 pounds/yr at UoL and 23,000 euros/yr at ESCP, so they're around the same price (UoL costs a little bit more as it's 4 yrs). My goal is to get a Masters in Management, my dream school would be the London Business School, but still will be applying throughout Europe at places like HEC, IE, ESSEC, etc.

Anyway, the main question is what are your thoughts on the ESCP bachelors, I would really appreciate feedback from someone who did the program as well. It's honestly crossing off all my boxes, but these negative reviews are making me think twice.

Thanks for any insight in advance!

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Hey, the program is widely viewed as a cashcow. It was extensively discussed here:…

That said UoL isn't the best at all. In your case, if you had good grades this year I would consider doing a gap year and apply to the best bachelor in business administration in Europe: LSE, Warwick, RSM, HSG or Bocconi. Would greatly help your admission to the masters at LBS you mentioned :)  


Don’t listen to BOIB_1. Kid has no idea what he is talking about.

Both my son and nephew graduated from ESCP. Both of them are Americans. My son was just accepted into LSE with one yr of work experience at McKinsey after his BSc at ESCP. My Nephew just graduated last year and is now working at UBS in London.

TO: BOIB_1 - Not sure what your problem is. You keep going to every other ESCP forum here an trash talking a school you dont know much about. Drop your BS.


Have you ever been to America?

Terrible State Schools with tuitions way over $30k. 

Heck, you have very avg private schools in the US that costs more than $50k per yr in Tuition. From an American’s lens, $18K is a drop in the bucket….


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