ESCP mim, RSM bam or SSE bm

Hi guys,

I have been admitted to ESCP master in management, RSM business analytics &management and SSE business &management, but in confusion that which to choose as I want to find a job in Europe. I am really interested in business analytics and fond of 2-year master study which might be helpful to find local long-term internships.

My main concerns:

  1. I can only speak English, so which one is better to choose if I want to find local internships and future jobs. I know it's not easy to find a job, so I plan to learn the local language for the next 6 months.

  2. I am an Asian girl, and I want to work in data analytics in the future. I'm worried about discrimination in the workplace. I heard that Scandinavian companies do a good job on gender equality, so I was very attracted to SSE.

Which programme do you recommend most? If you have any other suggestions about career and life, please reply. :)

Great thanks!

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Boib21, what's your opinion? Comment below:

All are good schools for sure. SSE is a great school; Stockholm is really nice and international. RSM is located in the Netherlands which is a major target for south-east Asians that do not speak any local European languages. ESCP is a great school with a great program but the main problem of European schools is that 80-85%+ stay in their local country (even more accentuated for France check their ratings for international mobility on the FT Ranking). ESCP is a French school (even if it has campuses in several countries) and there either you speak French fluently or you simply cannot leverage the major benefits of the school. If I were you, I would go to RSM because (of the quality of the school and program) but especially because it is located in the Netherlands, which is very open to international talent and people actually speak really good English. Hope it helps :)

Suuuuhuo, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Thanks for your insights about the location and employment information!

Netherlands is an international country and maybe I can find my future job there! But my concern is the limited time of a single year in RSM and I'm kind of worried if it can provide me with enough business skills as well as analytics techniques.

Perhaps I would choose to go to SSE and hopefully I can learn Swedish well to support my internships in Sweden. And it has amazing opportunity to take an exchange semester in RSM!

Have a nice day!

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Boib21, what's your opinion? Comment below:

You can always delay the graduation of your degree to include an internship in your studies ;)

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Suuuuhuo, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Wow! That would be nice! Thank you! :)

InterestedParty99, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Here are some thoughts…I'm guessing you've researched most of this but I'm home sick and need a break from watching shows so typing this up. 


If you look at the employment report for RSM the placement seems positive even for non-EU students  -  In a survey in which 48 people in the program responded, roughly 75% said it was very easy, easy or neutral in the difficulty of their job search. Given people that are unhappy generally respond to those surveys to vent, this data seems really positive to me. It doesn't seem like the 1 year program makes it hard to find a job as in the second semester they expect you to have an internship as part of the semester. You only have to take 2 classes that semester besides the internship. 

If you're focused on business/data analytics as your career starter then it seems this one year program will get you there with a curriculum focused on analytics.…; Note, it seems like this is very structured and has fewer classes given the internship. That may be what you want in terms of getting some initial training and getting out into the working world.


If you want to take more time to find yourself, SSE is a two year program and you can take more classes than just a focus on Analytics. I don't know what your undergraduate major was in but this will give you time to learn more about the business side and you can validate that analytics is where you want to go. You can also take an exchange semester and the two years will give you time to learn Swedish which to get a job in Stockholm I'm guessing will be important. With the two year program you get a data analytics track -… This track you can have more time to take a variety classes than RSM if you scroll down the page on the link. 

Of the 2022 intake 22 of the 69 students were international and per the placement stats 40% internationals work inside of Sweden after graduation so you'd expect around 9 people from the 2022 class will get jobs in Sweden. If you double down on Swedish language right now, many hours a day and keep it up in your first year that may not be a blocker for an internship. I'd ask them how many internships between year 1 and 2 would require Swedish in your master.  The placement stats are not as broken down as RSMs but still seem strong as 95% of people find jobs in 3 months. 


If you want to find yourself even more, ESCP provides that option as it could be 2 or more years and even more flexible and has more classes than SSE. You need internships to graduate and you need to read the information about the languages very closely as having a second language is important to take advantage of everything the program has as Boib21 pointed out, as you are required to study in multiple cities, it is not optional. Additionally, when you look at the specializations it does not have an Analytics Track. It has a Digital Specialization but doesn't seem to get you into the code as much as SSE. They have a separate master in Big Data and Analytics… which is probably a better fit for a year of focused study. You can still take some of those class types in the master in management, but I think that this shows it is not a focus. Seems like SSE is a better fit for the 2 year program unless you want to inquire about transferring to the other Master program at ESCP which is taught in English out of Berlin and Paris campuses and is 15 months. 


I think it comes down to if you know data analytics is the way you want to go then RSM will be a focused program from which it seems landing a position/internship should not be a problem for a motivated person. RSM has fewer classes and a focus on getting an internship your second semester and one year would cost less. SSE is the way to go if you want more time to find yourself and get more broad exposure. SSE provides you with more classes, chances to learn more things and you can validate that analytics is the way to go.

Good Luck

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Suuuuhuo, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Thank you for your patience and the long reply.

I'm totally agree that RSM has a really specialized module while SSE gives me more time to explore myself. 

I think I would choose SSE for its 2-year structure and opportunities to exchange in other great business schools. After so many years of study, maybe it's time to have more time to find myself.

*btw my bachelor degree is a business administration one, but I took internships all about business analytics and have taken many courses about programming. I'm currently taking an internship in another city and home sick too.

Have a nice day and thank you again! :)

boib_1, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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