Finance clubs, do they really help you to find a job? If so, to what extent they helped you?

I have a finance/investment club and a venture fund club in my university (a business school between non-target to semi-target). I joined both and the club activities will start in October. However, I have very little idea how it will help me to achieve my job-search goal. Will they teach me modeling, valuation, pitching or improve my resume, CV and mock interviews? Will it be very exhausting and time-consuming?
Also, I am deeply interested in some business competitions, especially those portfolio challenges. And I wish to know if I need to get a champion (which is highly unlikely) in those competitions to put it on my resume. Or maybe I just need to involve in it and still can talk about it in my interviews. If aspiring in AM/ER industry, which one should I attend? Wharton Total Impact Portfolio Challenge perhaps?
I just switch from ECON to FIN and can be quite ignorant in this industry, so any suggestion or insight will be very helpful for me. Thank you very much.

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I was in my college Finance and Investment club. They set up a lot of interviews in NYC and paid for a trip to NYC including military housing for the week (I went to a military college). The mock interviews were done by my career center. For valuation and modeling, you likely have to learn on your own. If you have any issues that arise, feel free to speak up in club meetings.Β 

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