Finance MSc chances?

I'm a graduate from American University's School of International Service (B.A. International Affairs).

My GRE: 162 verbal/165 quant/4.5


Internships in top think tanks in Washington DC doing Latin American affairs research. Spent the past year working at a boutique political risk consulting firm in Costa Rica. Counting internships I have about 3 years work experience, not counting them I have about a year and a half. Trying to do a shift from political science towards finance.

My coursework has only 1 Calc class (an A, though), 3 economics classes, and 1 international finance class. I'm about to start Calc II and Intro to Statistics online at UC Berkeley, and I'm doing macro II and micro II at a local university.

Looking at some top (LSE, Bocconi, HEC) MSc in Finance programs, some not so top but still very competitive (McGill, UBC), and some not at all competitive (in the field) (Johns Hopkins SAIS, although this one would be to try to get a job at an international financial institution).

Am I wasting my money applying to these top schools, or do I have a chance with my GRE scores and some bomber essays?

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May 1, 2019 - 5:31am
Merlo97, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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