Interested in Harvard 2+2 MBA - What do I need to do at Undergrad? (UK-Based)


Currently in a gap-year prior to university, and for reference I'm interested in breaking into IB.

My plan so far:

  • Currently looking to get to a target university for IB in the UK (LSE/UCL/Warwick) in a discipline related to Economics - will be a double/triple subject degree with Econ in it. This is a point for concern later*.

  • Aiming for 1:1 classification within my degree.

  • Aiming high, for an internship 1st year to enhance profile (ideally related to IB, but generic finance). But also will be applying through regular IB pipeline (i.e. 1st year spring week -> convert to 2nd year summer internship -> convert to FT offer for post-graduation).

  • Will join some societies - sports, pro bono (180dc) consulting & finance mainly. Will try take up some key positions in these areas.


  • Looks like you have to do GMAT/GRE in final year so have noted that, and will prep for that closer to the time. Any resources to maybe look and see what I need to learn would be great. Used the INSEAD free GMAT test, and seems to look a lot like GCSE maths?

I was wanting to know the following:

  • Does your course hold any weighting into Harvard's consideration? (As mentioned, I'm not doing a pure Econ course, rather Econ with another subject or two. May consider Geography undergrad too. Would this effect my chances significantly?)

- What do model candidates tend to take up outside of societies to extend?

  • How else do candidates tend to stand out in their applications to this MBA programme?

Thank you!

Most Helpful

The only real guidance I can give is about GMAT, as haven't heard about this programme until now.

Is there really a requirement that you have to take it in your final year of undergrad? From their website:

"For applicants to the 2+2 Deferred Admission Program, a valid GMAT or GRE score is required. 2024 applicants should plan to take the test on or before the April 25, 2024, 12:00pm (noon) ET deadline. HBS will continue to accept the online (at-home) version of both the GMAT and the GRE – the Admissions Board encourages applicants to take the test in the format that is most comfortable for them, there is no difference during the evaluation process."

From what I've heard, most if not all programmes just ask for one that is not older than 5 years. If that's the case, might be worth getting it over and done with with during your gap year.

With regards to it being similar to GCSE, it kind of is because it covers a lot of the same topics. I think the problem that most folks who are at least a couple of years into their career run into (including me) is that GCSE maths was so long ago most of the concepts are forgotten. And A-level maths is just too different/irrelevant. With GCSE still being fairly fresh in your memory, it's another reason why I’d take it now rather than wait for another 3 years.

My advise is that you take one of the official mocks (the third party ones are never going to be as good/accurate), and see where you land. Check out the GMAT club community, do some googling for whatever your level ends up being after the mock and then plan accordingly.

Good luck!


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