Is a top MBA necessary?

Hey there, 

I am wondering if I should invest the time and money for a 2 year MBA program in US in order to get into IB

Just to give you some background, I am 27 right now finishing up my degree in accounting and economics in israel, doing this while working full time as a sales manager for a team of over 20 SDR's. I have quite a bit of experience in sales, having done real estate sales, and various telemarketing roles, I also served in the IDF (israeli military).

In israel 2 years of professional experience are required to obtain your CPA and so I know I'll be doing that at EY as soon as im done with my degree, luckily doing this in the consulting-valuations deparment mostly doing valuation assurance as well as some financial modeling and consulting on mid market transactions. 

Have been pretty set on doing my MBA at a top school after that and already took the GMAT and got a 710 on my first try. However having read some posts and knowing i'll finish my MBA at around 32 years old, i understand getting into top IB in NYC might be kind of impossible, Im guessing in israel it wouldnt really be necessary at all to get my MBA to get into top IB. Any and all insight is welcome. 


Yeah you said it, depends on if you want to be in the US or not

32 isn't old at all, plenty of associates at that age and older

People also lateral around IBs all the time so it doesn't matter at all where you start

NYC isn't an easy place to stay indefinitely, especially given the nature of the work so you have to be committed. Israel could be better if you want to be closer to family and see them a couple times a year 


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