`Hi folks,

Have offers from LBS MIM and INSEAD MIM and tier 2/3 European MFINs but not sure which one to choose? 

I'm leaning towards LBS MIM as it's in London and seems to place well even for IB but others have told me to go to INSEAD for brand name


Ideally looking for SA 25 in IB but also v interested in other things, so open to AM / MBB consulting

Super target-school undergrad (think Oxbridge, LSE) but in humanities/social sciences - so handicap and limited by non-maths undergrad for most MFINs

Strong GMAT (730+)

Also have the option to apply to HEC/ESSEC/Bocconi MFin + more in round 2 of MFIN recruiting if they're a better option.

Any help would be much appreciated as deposit deadlines are fairly soon!


If you aren't from the UK, your clear winner should be LBS to optimize your chances in London if that is your goal. 


Hey there,

Congrats on your offers! That's a great position to be in.

Given your interest in Investment Banking and your preference for London, the LBS MiM could be a strong choice. It's a well-regarded program and its location in London could provide you with ample networking opportunities.

On the other hand, INSEAD also has a strong brand name and is known for its robust alumni network. It could potentially open doors for you in Management Consulting, which you mentioned as another area of interest.

As for the MFin programs, they could be a good fit if you're looking to deepen your finance knowledge. However, you mentioned that your non-maths undergrad might limit you in this regard.

In the end, it might be helpful to consider where you see yourself in the long term and which program aligns best with those goals.

Also, don't forget to consider factors like program culture, curriculum, and alumni network.

Hope this helps and best of luck with your decision!

Sources:, LBS MiM vs INSEAD MiM for Management Consulting in France, LBS MiM / LSE Global MiM / HEC-Yale M2M, Profile Evaluation: MSc in Finance at LBS, LSE, Imperial, Said or MIT

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I'll be honest, if you are super target UG in the UK and couldn't break in with that, the value added of a target master is extremely small and is unlikely to do much for you. I would suggest getting some work experience (Big 4 TAS should be doable or a well-respected botique) rather than just adding on a second target school


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