Listing Title Promotions On Resume

Hey curious to see what opinions are on this. I've had 3 title bumps in my current role but my actual job function hasn't changed. It changed once after my first year but while I had the same title. What's the best way to list this on my resume? Currently I don't mention the title promotions and just list it like this:
Analyst - US Equities - Dates
Analyst - International Equities - Dates

If I were to list the title changes I would think options would be:
Senior Analyst - Dates
Analyst - Dates
Associate Analyst - Dates

Or list one title and list the promotions as a bullet:
Senior Analyst
Promoted from Associate Analyst to Analyst on date; promoted from Analyst to Senior Analyst on date.

Whats the best practice here and how should I go about listing when my job function actually did change (international generalist to US covering a sector, still listed as an associate analyst)?

I posted this in the IB forum but maybe this is a better location to get feedback from others with more experience.


B-schools care about career trajectory so you definitely want to show your promotions/title changes. If the responsibilities were largely the same, list the titles first and then the bullets that apply to all those titles underneath, if that makes sense.

So more like Senior Analyst - Dates Analyst - Dates Associate Analyst - Dates Bullet Bullet Bullet

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Then it's called a promotion, not a title promotion, and you should break them out, especially if it is your most recent employer. If it isn't you can still lump them if you need white space and focus on your most impactful bullets across the roles.

However, generally, a resume is a storytelling tool, not a fact sheet. It needs to be factual, but you do not need to blindly adhere to every convention on the market.

If you can craft a story between the title promotions by breaking more recent and impressive accomplishments into more recent roles, it better indicates increasing responsibility and promotability, even if you haven't given up your more junior responsibilities. Resume bullets should not describe your actions in your role, they should describe your impact in a role. Once you give up trying to make someone understand your day to day, and instead focus on telling them where you added value, this becomes easier.

This is especially true if you're coming from a traditional industry. Nobody wants to read an IB resume that reads "prepared and printed pitchbooks". Everyone reading your resume in the b-school context already knows that was part of your job. I can almost guarantee you that you'll find opportunities to show increasing responsibility or impact if you try.

If you have a lot of promotions, you can lump a few junior ones and break out the impactful ones. Professional reviewers may tell you to stick to one convention, but if it gives you the white space to tell the story you want, and it is a compelling story, forget convention. It's not like you're adding animation to your resume, you're telling the resume reader what they want to hear - when and why you made a major transition, and what your impact was in the new role.


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