Looking for advice - MSF Program interviews coming up soon. Afraid of being rejected because of my stutter.

I am applying to round 4 of five competitive Master in Finance programs in the US that place well in IB (my goal). I have received GMAT waivers for my top two choices. I am confident I have the right GPA/coursework, essays, letters of recommendation, internship experiences (investment banking and private equity) & extracurriculars to be a competitive candidate and ultimately get admitted into these programs. However, the admissions requirements I fear the most are the video-recorded interviews, as well as the admissions interviews...

I've had a moderate to severe stutter all my life, and it can sometimes get quite severe during interviews and presentations. I haven't let that stop me during my undergrad years. I have been able to mentor other students, present in front of my classes, network, and make new friends.

What do you guys suggest I should do to help me with my situation?

Should I speak to someone in admissions before the final application deadline and let them know and see what they suggest?

• Should I mention it in my essays and explain how although it's a weakness, it's made me the person I am today: perseverant, empathetic, and hardworking?

• Should I disclose my stutter on the day of the interviews?

Thanks, everyone! I look forward to the advice.

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  • Intern in IB - Gen


IBD_or_die, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Hate to break it to you - if you stutter in the interviews, there is no way in hell any top MSF program will admit you. Why are you even trying to break into IB if you have a moderate to severe stutter? Try applying to back/middle office roles, bud...

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wavespurple27, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Really unhelpful comment. In my opinion, best idea would be to disclose it before the interview, then both you and the interviewer are on the same page.

In terms of the interview, it's about the content and what you actually say that is important rather than it having to be 100% fluent. Therefore just focus on making sure you are well prepared and have good answers to common questions. As long as you can bring good content to the interview and demonstrate your depth of knowledge, you'll be absolutely fine!

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate this 

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Rudely put but not untrue that the stutter will make it difficult. Half the game in IB/PE is being likeable, relatable and put-together, and a stutter doesn't outright eliminate that being or becoming true but doesn't help either. It's a sad reality but better to temper expectations sooner vs. doling out tens of thousands in tuition and then realizing how much harder it is.

With that said, anything's possible and everyone loves underdogs. I'd rather hire/work with someone with a stutter that is smart, genuine and likeable/charming vs. the avg. Wall Street bro that felt they didn't need to know as much/work as hard because hardship wasn't a factor in their life.

OP: The fact that you mentor other students, can present in front of classes, network and make new friends is a sign you can power through and improve the stutter as your confidence builds up. I don't have a stutter but have seen how my confidence leveling up over time as I've grown more comfortable with myself and in my roles has improved my anxiety. You got this.

mattpapsin, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Won't he/she count as diversity?? Schools and firms hire diversity candidates...

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