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Was wondering if it will be difficult to get a good placement if I take a bachelors in Economics and Business in UvA (amsterdam) and after a Masters in LSE.

Will the fact that my bachelors was not taken in LSE affect the chances of getting a good placement after taking my masters?


Things that matter for placement after masters (in order):

1 by far - your CV. An LSE masters student with 2-3 MM/BB IB internships who did their BSc at a 2nd tier university will always beat out a masters student from the same programme with no internships who went to a tier 1 University in undergrad.

2 GPA (or your grade average in the U.K.).

3 student activity (clubs, leadership, etc).

To sum it up, no one will REALLY care where you did your undergrad as long as you’ve got the internships necessary to succeed. The question is whether you can get these internships at UvA. Because if you come into LSE MSc with little/irrelevant experience, it won’t matter whether you’re coming from LSE undergrad or UvA. You will have a pretty hard time securing an offer (at least that’s what I was told by some MFin 2023 students I know with decent but not great experience)

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Well, what’s the end goal?

Investment Banking? Asset Management? Consulting?


Nothing > Any Experience at all > Any Finance Experience > Decent Brand Finance Experience (big 4, etc) > Decent Brand Finance experience within your field > Good Brand Finance Experience within your field > Very strong brand finance experience within your field.

For example, for IB:

Having, say, lifeguard experience is better than nothing. But it won’t get you far at all. Having Experience as a bookkeeper/bank branch worker is already better. Having Audit big 4 experience os already fairly decent (especially in your first couple of years at uni). Having Big 4 TS experience is even better - it’s experience directly related to banking at a solid brand. But it’s still worse than having actual banking experience at, say, Santander. A well-recognisable brand and a solid bank, but towards the lower end of high finance. And that’s beaten out by experience at BBs and other well regarded, strong banks.

What I don’t know is how much of a “target” school UvA is for undergrad. IE what doors from the above list it opens up. That said, as long as you can get Big 4 TS and a banking internship + LSE MFin, you should be good for recruiting in London (provided we’re in a good market. Current market is shit, but it SHOULD recover by the time you finish your bachelors AND your MSc).

This is just a rough guide, but it holds up quite well. I would recommend that you fill the gaps with your own research at WSO. People think that it’s all so complex and impossible, but in reality a couple of days of research is all you need.

Good luck!


Not OP but considering top London masters for 2025. Curious where’d you stack up my experience: UK Semi Target (Bristol/Durham/Bath) with 2 PE internships at small firms and 2 no name boutique IB internships (one will be this summer 2024). Will obv try to get banking internship 2025 summer heading into program. Am I in a good spot?


great tips dude, i just have one question, what do u think of doing a masters other than finance at lse like economy and society or political economy etc.. because my undergrad grades are not very good, but i have a masters from a good target business school in europe and I am looking to break into london. However i have IB experience Debt capital markets to be exact. Do u think its a good idea to do a masters?


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