Hi there,

Graduated from uni (Europe) and with my current resume and market conditions I'm aware that I have no shot at any FO role. So I'm considering passing either the CFA or either going for an MBA, and I would want to hear your opinion on which one is better.

Before commenting, I would like to caution that the "ignore the CFA and focus on networking" may be relevant in the US, but not in Europe where almost everything is done through HR and academics, so the advice is pretty useless.

So, in terms of CFA vs MBA, what would be the best path?

How I see it:

MBA: Study + GMAT expenses + MBA loan + (2) years of hanging around campus = IB??? (~3 years + min. 50k in loans)

CFA: Study + $500 - $1000 = lvl. 1 = IB/AM/PE? (6 months and -1k)

off-topic, how does comp compare between CFA and MBA down the road (5 - 10 years?)

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Telemachus, what's your opinion? Comment below:

They're very different and frankly I don't think either is your best path forward right now. 

CFA - if you want asset mgt.

MBA - top programs open the door to several industries: IB, consulting, the buyside (VC/PE/HF/AM), etc...

As you don't have work experience, an MBA isn't for you at this point as you won't get into a top program.

Given your light work exp, you may want to consider a top MSc program and use that to leverage a FO role. There are plenty of threads on WSO about the best MSc in the US and europe to attend. If you attend a top MSc program you can land a top FO job.

If you work in a BO role and do the CFA, you're going to have a hard time moving forward as work experience matters more and there are legions of BO types w/ CFAs who can't move to FO roles. You also need to pass level 2 for it to really mean something, that means 2 years of non-transferable work exp IF you're able to pass both straight away.......

I suggest doing a top MSC.  

Good luck

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