MFin - Paying the deposit on a secured offer or counting on future ones

Hi all,
I have a dilemma.
At the end of January I was fortunate enough to be admitted to one of the best MFins in Canada.
As a result, I have to accept my offer and pay a pretty hefty deposit by the end of February. Yet I somewhat prefer to study closer to home/family/friends (EU) due to a couple of important personal reasons. The issue is (as per below deadlines) that I have to choose between rejecting the offer to study at McGill before I find out the outcome of my preferred programmes OR paying the deposit and losing it in the future/Losing out on the below masters.
I’m leaning towards rejecting the offer. But, that leaves me offer-less. Given my profile (see below) does doing so make sense?
2 years at Deloitte Audit U.K., multiple promotions, very well-known client
Non-profit internship
GMAT 700
Strong 1st (4.0 GPA equiv) at a Semi-target U.K. studying an Econ/Finance BSc
Great leadership at Uni
Strong ECs at Uni
Admitted to:
McGill MMF (their MFin)
Waiting on:
St Gallen MaccFin (find out at the end of April)
SSE MFin (15/03/24)LSE MFin/A&F (whenever they feel like, been 2 months, could be 1.5 more months)
Personally, I am fairly confident about getting into the St Gallen MaccFin (despite getting rejected from their MBF) and SSE. Not so much about getting into LSE.
Thank you!


I'd accept the offer and try to delay the deposit payment as much as possible. Can always come up with some excuse and drag the process on for a bit. Even if you reject it, given your stats, I don't see why you'd have a hard time getting into most of these programs regardless. Your GPA/GMAT and experience seem more than enough for LSE A&F, for instance. How come you didn't apply to other places like HEC/Bocconi or Imperial?

To infinity... and beyond!
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Thanks for your answer!

I’ve actually already asked for an extension, and was given until the end of February. The issue is that the program starts in June, so they said they can’t extend it any longer :/

Re other masters:

Emailed Bocconi with my profile and a small question, and they replied with the following:

“All of our MSc programs are pre-experience programs, meaning, you are not strictly required to already have job experience prior to accessing the program. For selection purposes, in fact, priority is given to students who are undergoing their last year of Bachelor at the time of application, and students who have graduated up until two years prior to applying. All other profiles, are then evaluated subsequently.”

As I graduated in 2021, I would’ve had 2+ years. So to me that read as “you can pay the application fee, but unless you have an 800 GMAT you’re not getting in”

HEC - don’t speak French, so it was a bit difficult to justify the price tag of 43k euro when a large number of the doors the masters opens is in France.

Imperial is one of the ones I’m considering applying to now!

Didn’t apply to LBS because of their 2-year rule. Didn’t apply to Oxford because GMAT too low.

To infinity and beyond!


Knowing that MMF starts in June, and you are confident in St. Gallen & prefer it, I would just reject MMF. If you have these doubts/concerns now, it won't get any better. 

Chances are you could get into MMF again and/or make a shot at some MBA programs with the increased YOE if the rest dont go your way. Also applying to something like RSM, I assume you like many were caught off guard with the quick application close. 


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