MiM vs MiF vs MBA

hey guys,

I'm an ops analyst at JP Morgan/GS/Morgan Stanley (joined in july 2022) in India and my short term goal is to get into FO IB and my long term goal is to get into the hedge fund industry or do financial consulting. i applied to the deferred MBA programs but got rejected everywhere (very few with interviews, rest without). I am now looking to apply to LBS, HEC, MIT and Oxford for their finance master's programs but i'm not sure if it's right step because i'm afraid the career progression will regress over time and that i'll end up starting from scratch at an entry level role. my GMAT score is 710 and my GPA is 8.9/10 ~ 3.77/4. I am certain that the MBA programs are going to do wonders for me and i'm certain i'll get into a good b-school but i'm unsure whether waiting 4-5 years is the right choice, i also am skeptical of the huge costs involved. As for the MiM, if i do end up choosing to do financial consulting, i think an MiM is better but i'm inclined towards the MiF programs because of the finance and the higher than average starting salary as compared to MiM programs. Please give me me some suggestions or feedbacks

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Couple things to unpack:

-MiM vs. MiF: Given your career goals, I would suggest a MiF over a MiM. It's relatively easy to move into consulting from a MiF, but heading to FO IB (or other FO roles, let alone HF) from a MiM is relatively tricky.
- MBA: If you're confident you can get into good programs thanks to your career performance/ track and scores, then this is likely your best shot at transitioning into the roles you mentioned without having to start from scratch (or at least less so). I wouldn't necessarily worry about the costs given MiF/MiM programmes can be relatively costly as well, and you've got 4-5 years to save ahead of you (+ loans if needed, potential sponsorship). Maybe map out a few scenarios with your potential earnings from each option and see if you can rule out an option or two already.

Hope this helps!

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Actually EB in France are more likely to pick someone from a MiM than a MiF, at least for french business schools

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