Non IB Internship or no internship at all? (pre MSF) (already had IB internship)

So I am an incoming MSF at one of the top/the top MSF program in the US, looking to place into IB after the program. I've had a F500 corp fin internship abroad, and just completed a ~6 month winter/spring analyst internship for a regional shop. 

I've been actively networking/recruiting and have had success for leads for full time recruiting in the fall and will continue with this through the summer along with interview prep.

I had excellent interviews for another regional boutique summer IB spot, but the MD informed me he is oversaturated with deals and will reach back later in the month to see if he can fit me in to the schedule. This was a bit of a bummer as I was led to believe that I would start the internship in early June.

I just got an offer for an Investment Analyst spot for a portfolio management shop based out of the same city as the MSF, it's paid, and I can work on it throughout the academic year. They service large trust & tech companies, and I'd be working on investment research/ad hoc and standardized analysis/manager research, etc.. 

Will this look bad for IB recruiting in the fall? There were kids who had IB winter/spring spots and took the summer off who still placed well in to the middle market in the last 2 years.

Would I be better off waiting for the regional IB spot with the chance it may not pan out, or going for this other internship, or just taking June/July off in your opinion?

I was thinking I could spin the story that after my winter/spring spot I didn't feel as if a 2 month IB internship would be as valuable as a longer term internship in another vertical where I could expand my knowledge in another part of finance, etc... Do you think I could sell this story well/does it make sense? Or would it be harmful? Personally I feel as if more experience is never a bad thing but I've been reading mixed things.


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