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Hey everyone,

I currently work in tech (non-tech role), and I am planning on applying to MBA programs this coming fall. I went to a target undergrad (Duke/Georgetown/Cornell/Brown level), with an okayish GPA in social sciences, great college ECs/awards, and currently have good/unique work experience. I think I should have a decent shot at the M7 (obviously H/S/W is tough, but a decent shot at the rest), and I had a question about MBA recruitment.

So to preface this, when you google my name, one of the first links (usually it is first, second, or third) is an article about me. Back in college, I was quite the political "activist," and this article about me paints me in a terrible picture. This is a pretty crazy, McCarthyist-esque website that doxxes individuals for their activism around the Palestine/Israel issue, and if you show any sort criticism towards Israel they claim you are "anti-semitic". The funny thing is, I honestly don't care about the conflict anymore, or really any kind of politics. This was kinda a phase for me and girls really liked it. If you read the article, it comes off as pretty insane and I feel like any normal person can pick up that this website is pretty crazy. (To be absolutely clear, in no way am I or ever have been anti-semitic)

Can this hurt me during MBA recruitment for IB? Will the people I network with, and eventually interview with, look me up on google and see that. How will they react? I know Palestine/Israel is a super touchy subject, but how "touchy" is it on Wall Street? I've managed to get top tech jobs at a FAANG and a big fintech since college, but also I feel like tech is significantly more open-minded about this kind of thing.

Thanks everyone.


Well with the recent events that have unfolded over the last few weeks, I think I can confidently say that this article and your prior involvement will definitely impact your recruiting results and your career in finance.


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