Seeking Advice on Choice of School for Fall 2023 Admission

Good day,

I am seeking your expert opinion and advice on a critical decision I need to make regarding my future education. My options are between The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and Copenhagen Business School (CBS), and my goal is to pave a successful path into the financial industry.

The program at NHH offers a Bachelor's in Economics and Business Administration, while CBS offers a BSc in Business Administration and Mathematical Business Economics (HA.Mat). It's important to note that I graduated high school in 2022 and spent a year at the EPFL in Switzerland, pursuing a Mathematics B.Sc., but the pure mathematical focus and language barrier (as a native Norwegian, I had little French proficiency) made the program unsuitable for me.

Regarding the curriculum, CBS appears to offer a balanced blend of Mathematics and Economics, whereas NHH has a more Business-focused approach, though I'm considering supplementing it with additional applied mathematics courses.

When it comes to networking and alumni connections, NHH boasts a remarkable presence in the Norwegian financial industry, which potentially ensures a favorable post-graduation position given its alum often recruits from the same institution. Additionally, NHH offers a plethora of social clubs which could aid in broadening my network within the country.

On the other hand, CBS, with its international orientation, seems like an excellent platform for establishing a diverse network. However, I have heard concerns about possible segmentation within the student body, where Norwegians tend to interact primarily with other Norwegians, and Danes with Danes, potentially hindering my chances of creating a substantial Danish network.

In light of these factors, I'd be extremely grateful to hear your thoughts, insights, and personal experiences if any, to guide me towards making an informed decision.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your responses


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