Starting Over - How do I work this?

Hello, all.

I am currently attending a no-name community college in Florida working on a useless, non-transferrable Associates of Science. When I started college I had no clue what I wanted to do, and basically wasted two years of my life when I graduate.

I am looking to move to Santa Fe Community College and ideally transfer into UF's MSF program - upon speaking to their director she told me it was incredibly difficult to come in as a third year, but I would like to try regardless.

When I switch to SF I will be starting over, completely blank, on my AA before I transfer over to UF. How can I best utilize this time to get into the MSF program, and secure internships? Is this even feasible coming from a community college? Or with my weirdly long amount of time spent getting my AA? I would transfer to UF directly but unfortunately I did very poorly in HS aside from a fantastic SAT.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am genuinely very keen on Finance (Crossing my fingers for something in LevFin) and want to know the best way forward here.


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SOFRsoGood, what's your opinion? Comment below:

You could do it, but it will not be easy.

How good is your SAT?

It's not totally clear from your post where you are in your education, but your best bet might be to try to finish a degree in something finance related, then try to recruit for big 4 audit, do that for a while and then try to recruit for MM analyst roles (do research on LinkedIn for what MMs have some folks on their team that came from audit). You'll have to take what you get and then can maybe try to move toward lev fin over time.

Again, this will not be easy, but I do think it is possible. Moreover, I think operating on this directional idea will be beneficial - for example even in a "downside" case you could be a big 4 careerist, nothing to scoff at.

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CeFB, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I'm graduating with my AS in May. SAT was a 1510.

I would go the Bachelor's in Finance/Econ/Stats route if I can't get into UF's MSF program, but to get into the MSF it requires me to have secured a junior summer internship.

"However, transfer students and juniors that have secured a junior summer internship at the firm they expect to accept a full time offer may apply during their junior year to complete the MSF degree by the end of their fourth year. Course timing is tricky."

The route you suggested is definitely in the back of my mind and my fallback option, but I'm really looking to see what I can do to try and get internships for eligibility into this program when I'm coming from a CC.

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SOFRsoGood, what's your opinion? Comment below:

That's a solid SAT. Personally I put credence into standardized testing, and so do others in the industry, so this will help you.

An MSF is what like a bachelors in finance? Or a masters you get in 4yrs of undergrad?

From your text it sounds like you don't need an internship if you transfer, or do you need one even if you transfer?

If you're basically in need of just any internship that you can say you are expecting to go to full time after you graduate, then can just look on job boards right? Will not be possible to get something at a bank with a CC degree - just want to be up front about that. But I could see something corporate with the 2yrs of CC and transferring to a 4yr to finish background.

CeFB, what's your opinion? Comment below:

No, the internship is a pre-requisite to transfer into the program. It is a 4 year expedited Masters, but basically the only reason to attend UF, the program is high quality and sets you up very well for the industry afaik. The internship has to be at a bank, but the requirements seem to not be super specific, even after discussing with the director it wasn't clear.

CeFB, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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