Stay @ UTS or move to UNSW Business School? (Australia)

I’m a first year currently doing a civil engineering degree with a Distinction WAM from the first semester. Just received an offer for UNSW Commerce. I’m interested in Investment Banking and want to know what is best for me. Would appreciate anyone’s advice on whether to move/stay, or I should just do a bachelor of business at UTS? Do universities matter in Australia? I have a strong support network at UTS and can easily join societies, however with UNSW I’d feel terrified to start all over again.

Based on the most helpful WSO content, the choice between universities can indeed impact your career in Investment Banking, but it's not the only factor. Both UTS and UNSW have strong business programs, but UNSW Commerce is often seen as more prestigious. However, your personal comfort and ability to excel are also important.

If you have a strong support network at UTS and opportunities to join societies and build your resume, that could be very beneficial. On the other hand, stepping out of your comfort zone and attending UNSW could provide new opportunities and connections.

Remember, networking plays a crucial role in breaking into Investment Banking. Whichever university you choose, make sure to leverage the networking opportunities available, perhaps through the Networking Guide provided by WSO Academy.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on where you believe you can perform best acadically, build a strong network, and gain relevant experience. Good luck!

Sources: UT Austin Business Honors vs. NYU Stern (Urgent- not lying about that), USC Marshall vs. NYU Stern, Chances of breaking into IB in Sydney without PR

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Hey mate, I’d honestly transfer to UNSW.

Only a few people to my knowledge have gone to BBs from UTS, and they are, more often than not, valedictorians, Co-ops and students with 87-88+ WAMs.

If I keep a HD WAM at uts business should I just stay? Because I’m so comfortable and have already made friends and do marketing for a society here. But appreciate your help!

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You could but you’re taking a risk, it’ll be an uphill battle.

For context, every BB on the street will receive 50+ applications from students who:

• Have an 80+ WAM

• Do a Commerce/Law degree

• From USyd or UNSW

• Maintain multiple society roles, likely an exec at some stage

• Have completed 3+ internships

And BBs, collectively, will take 50-70 summer analysts each year in Sydney.

It’s up to you, maybe connect with a UTS alum working in IB at the moment?

Comm/Law is certainly perceived as more prestigious than Comm/Econ.

In my experience, the law degrees of my peers haven’t helped too much unless they previously worked in M&A Law, either as an intern or as a grad. But the reason why it’s more prestigious is (1) there are more difficult entry requirements and (2) it’s harder to achieve a higher WAM. So, it’s preferred on the basis that it’s harder to get into, not that it provides you with any advantage over peers on a day to day basis.

As for Comm/Econ, I think it’s a great degree to do to break into IB. I don’t know too many people that did Comm/Econ as it’s a degree only offered to UNSW students and most people I know either did straight Comm or Comm/Law, but I can only imagine it would be better than straight Comm.

Good god, please transfer, or alternatively remain in engineering and try to recruit for IB that way. Recruiting for IB with only a Bachelor of Business at UTS is a fool's errand as the industry is very prestige conscious and incredibly competitive. It's like trying to put out a bushfire with a supersoaker. Broadly speaking, IB in Australia is nigh on impossible for those with a single degree, regardless of the uni they came from, simply because you're expected to have a fairly stacked CV, and those who have an additional 2 years to prepare their CV before submitting applications tend to fare better in that endeavour. 

I say all of this having gone to UTS with a HD WAM. Put simply, despite marks, ECs and experience, recruiting for SA roles was still a pain in the ass. To add to that, I did a double degree. 

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