Target PG schools in UK/EU/NA

Throw sh*t at me if you want, but I can't find a post showing best target Postgrad unis or is the UG list the same for PG courses too? I want to study Finance for my masters, but not sure which university would be the best.

I have my eyes on:

  • HEC

  • LSE 

  • Imperial

  • WW

  • Edinburgh

Aim is to break into IB/S&T/M&A - i.e don't mind doing 16 hour shifts and retiring soon after.

Thanks for your input. 

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As someone who went to WWK, and was admitted into HEC, LSE and Imperial, I would say you should also consider the LBS programme.

I enjoyed by HEC experience a lot, and many of my friends who went to LSE found the course to be very academic and not very practical. To me, why go to Imperial when you can go to LSE? LBS MFA has the same entry requirements as HEC MIF (both require GMAT and have an interview stage) so you might as well apply.

On additional point is that LBS MFA focusses a lot more on directly sending their students to buy-side; at HEC, a lot more people went directly to sell-side.

I would say I have not seen any masters level student get into investment banking from Edinburgh. Warwick is quite a bit weaker at masters level compared to undergraduate, but still very decent.

Overall, I would say your work experience matters a lot more at masters level. Happy to answer some of your follow-ups here or directly in dm if you want.

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Md._ Ashraful_Malek, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Do we need full -time work experience for LSE MSc in Finance / HEC Paris MIF ? Or would decent summer internships and research works(during undergrad ) be good to go?

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Nope, some people have limited work experience at HEC, and for LSE, I don't think work experience is something they consider too much.

designa888, what's your opinion? Comment below:

There are several in depth posts on this topic so I suggest you look harder, but the top masters in UK & Europe are LSE, LBS, Oxford, HEC and Bocconi

Isthisanonymous, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Actually there are no recent "official" WSO ranking for Msc in London/EU, only subjects from people comparing a small number of Masters. Might be worth to create a new dense subject with tier list + pros/cons to which we could refer

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In the UK, postgrad targets are:



- Oxford

- Cambridge 

- Imperial

Undergrad targets are the above alongside UCL and Warwick. However, UCL and Warwick Masters, although good, are probably a slight notch below the Postgrad targets

boib_1, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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