Transfer to Lower School

I go to a target school that places extremely well into finance, but I really don't like the community and general unfriendliness of the school. I have some good friends, but it honestly isn't that enjoyable when 90% of people are concerned with their studies/future and not just being a friendly person. I've got 3.9+ and am in a decent place for recruiting next year.

How would it look to transfer from a top school to a school like UVA/UMich for recruiting next year? Should I just stick it out, would this look like ducking for recruiters? Should I just try harder to make it a better experience?

Also, fwiw, although I use the term "lower school," I really think its a wash for recruiting purposes. Seems like non-target (although I know the schools I mention are targets) non diverse actually have it a bit easier this year, seeing from superdays. Which makes the decision a little harder. 


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