Transferring from “lower ivy” to Columbia GS?

Currently a rising sophomore at Brown/Dartmouth and I’ve hated it. I threw in an application to Columbia GS and got in this month.

I know there’s a big thread about Columbia GS right now but the answers are a mixed bag. Does it make sense to move from Brown/Dartmouth to Columbia GS? Looking to do IB and then eventually PE or start off in PE.

Reasons I want to transfer out: haven’t connected with any people here because the school is really small, not a fan of the school culture and not a fan of the location.

If you truly hated your time, it doesn’t hurt to roll the dice, but as someone who went to Brown/Dartmouth with many friends at Columbia, there wasn’t a single person who was happy attending Columbia lol. If the Core and being in Morningside heights with a mostly neurotic student body are your jam, shoot. It just might be same shit different toilet though.

Most Helpful

Don’t transfer from a real Ivy to GS.

What exactly do you not like about your current school? Are you going to orgs? Clubs? Frats? Do you put yourself out there? Are you used to NYC? Idk I wouldn't transfer personally but it's up to you. I find it hard to believe if you go to orgs that are your interests you wouldn't find atleast some friends.

Some points of consideration:

  1. Outside of the benefit of being able to intern part time during the school year, I think (someone please fact check me) you’ll see better recruiting outcomes from Brown / Dartmouth based on per capita numbers I see floating around
  1. Culture at Columbia absolutely sucks and unless you’re an international with money who didn’t fit in with the social scene at B/D, I don’t see you enjoying Columbia (most people don’t and consider it very cutthroat and catty)
  1. It’s not like you’re lateraling to HYP; this is essentially a lateral move IF you were going to Columbia College
  1. The fact that this is Columbia GS makes it a huge downgrade from B/D. Is your time at B/D that bad? Could you expand on your struggles? Generally, most students don’t hit their stride until their second year.

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