UK business schools (below top 5)

I failed to crack all top 5 business schools in the UK for a Masters in Finance. Now I’m looking at other options in London - Bayes, Coventry, Cranfield, Henley/ICMA

I have workex in the leveraged finance space (loans, HY) but not in a top buyside role. Planning to target the UK market in LevFin/private credit post my masters. Am I at a disadvantage when applying for analyst/associate roles in London after masters from Bayes, Coventry, Cranfield, Henley/ICMA?

Can someone please advise on how these universities are? I like the MSc Finance courses in all of them. However I barely see alumni from these uni’s (except Bayes) in good roles!!


Took a quick look at your post history - you have way too much experience to be a viable candidate for any conventional MFin, and the schools you mentioned are all non-targets, including Bayes. Why not shoot for an MBA instead? LBS/INSEAD are good options.

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I don’t have a good gmat score/academic background and due to personal commitments, I don’t think I can invest any time in that. I am highly motivated to build a career in LL/PC but I am not in the right market (India). So I am prioritising to enter the UK market via a masters where I can leverage on my workex and connections (made quite a few). But I want to ensure that the business school is at-least half decent and I can network my way into some decent roles

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As I said, your profile is incompatible with an MSc. The vast majority of good programs implicitly or explicitly prefer candidates with less than 2-3 years of experience, and the schools you mentioned are complete non-targets. You can either attend a subpar school and likely fail to secure a decent position/be forced to return to your country, or you can put some serious effort into studying for the GMAT and shoot for an MBA. Tons of Indians on forums like gmatclub that are doing the exact same thing.

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