UMiami MSF VS Babson MSF VS UT Austin MSF

Based on IBD placements, which program would be the best one to choose from?

A little bit about my background: 

Bachelor's degree in Electronics engineering from a top university in India; No work experience; Attempted CFA L1 in Nov'21, planning on giving another attempt this year as well.

I am more inclined towards UMiami owing to the city's fast growth as a major hub for FinTech, Crypto and Wealth Management. Smaller class size lets me network well and connect with professors too? I've heard that the university career centre makes sure that all the students get internships during the Winter semester. 

My plan is to go on the IBD->AM/PE route. 

Please let me know your thoughts.

Any insights are highly appreciated, thank you! 

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I'll try to help:

Most of the MSF programs use undergrad career services to assist MSF students with opportunities. Going off that, UT MSF should be your best bet - it's got the most alums in IB (by a wide margin). Networking is a numbers game and thus I would be a lot more confident in my ability to land an opportunity through UT given the vast alumni base. UT is also the closest one to an IB hub (Houston/energy). Florida doesn't have a big enough IB hub and neither does Boston (although NY is somewhat close, but you'll be competing with people from all across the US for those spots). 

However, getting an IB FT offer without an internship is tough - especially if your prior experience doesn't line up (which yours is, I assume, engineering focused and that you have no work experience, plus CFA isn't applicable for IB). Also, you mention that you want to get into IB but then say Miami is where you prefer because of the FinTech, Crypto, and WM scene - all things very different than IB. I implore you to explore IB and the way recruiting works and see if you have a solid game plan for getting that full-time offer.

I also know, as a fellow Indian & international student, that recruiting is extremely difficult for summer internships due to the need for sponsorship - and it is even more difficult for FT because the spots available are a small fraction. hence, I would consider choosing an MSF that also has the STEM designation (i think the UT one does). If you do decide on going down this path, try to get a summer internship in India before your master's in either IB or ER or PE (VC worst case). Recruiting for FT spots will have already kicked off by the first day of your classes so you need to have your resume on point and already have some experience you can point to. 

Also, out of curiosity, what was your GMAT and GPA?


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