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Gtown > ND = Umich = UVA for placement

Really depends what type of college experience you want. I think all 4 would offer pretty different things

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agreed w/ the experiences being completely different. 2 of these are public so if you don't live in either state, don't pick uva/umich. notre dame/gtown are highly variable (if u aren't above avg you're not competitive for ib) but between the two i like the culture of ND over gtown & DC even though gtown has more hires.

would pick between ross & mendoza based off financial aid.

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Ross has probably the largest alumni base out of these in NYC but it has a huge student body, UVA has a strong presence on the east coast as well and I'd say the numbers are similar to that of Gtown, but Gtown is probably the best recruitment per capita and opens you up potentially to career paths in defense and policy too. I liked Gtown's location and vibes when I visited, it seemed like a sleeper Ivy and I'd argue out of all the aforementioned schools the alumni there are most diverse and affluent.

Notre Dame has good presence in Chicago and decent placement in NYC but it's also the name I most frequently forget.

However, between these schools I'd say go to the one that gives you the best aid. Have heard unfavorable things about living on campus at Gtown (instagram georgetown.hotmess) and about how preppy UVA is for example.

But as far as recruitment?


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Yeah I mean I'm just laying out the rudimentary background information I had LOL. I go to a school much more like UVA/UMich and chose it for cheaper tuition. Assuming UVA and UMich are OOS though I'd take GTown for that alumni base and the beautiful architecture in that area + potential policy careers.

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Honestly you can get into IB from all 4, I'd choose whichever school you like best. They're all different schools.

- ND definitely has a strong catholic element with an iconic football program and strong culture. Looking back, had I not went to Georgetown I would've for sure picked ND (I didn't apply there)

- Georgetown is in DC and I'd say it's a blend between catholic ND and an ivy in terms of culture (I just graduated from Georgetown a few years ago, lmk if you want me to PM you)

- UMich & UVA are large public schools with great college towns & excellent sports. I don't know too much about UVA, but I have friends that go to UMich and they say it's loads of fun. Only downside is the weather and the size (it's easy to get lost in a big school).

ddd1, what's your opinion? Comment below:

would go with georgetown personally but all are good

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Freshman at Mich, but I'd rank them as such: Georgetown>ND>Mich>UVA. This sub has a disgusting bias towards large state schools, but when you consider the proportion of students who are interested in IB and do end up making it in, GT & ND are definitely ahead. 

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