University choice for an economics bachelor

Hello, I am a high school student and am currently deciding what to apply for next year.

Background: Eastern Europe, fluent in English, French, Swedish, paying UK home fees for uni and EU citizen fees for EU unis.

Career: I am not sure about what branch in the finance industry I want to pursue yet, but something in Switzerland would be my eventual goal as it is the nicest country I have ever stayed in. I say 'eventual' as from what I've heard, starting my career in London (which would be easier from a UK uni) would set me up for better roles in Switzerland or elsewhere in the EU, however, if this is wrong then I would love to start working directly in Switzerland.

I am wondering what would be the best choice out of these:

1) UK: Cambridge Land Economy (15% acceptance rate) or Oxford Econ & Management (6% acceptance rate). From what I've read, Oxford seems quite a lot better (if I get in). Anything else in the UK doesn't seem worth the cost or just living there (LSE economics is not possible for me). If I do get into one of these, how would it work eventually transitioning from a London firm to something in Switzerland (or going directly to Switzerland), and how viable of a path is it?

2) Switzerland: HSG (St. Gallen) where I would spend those 3 years also getting fluent in German, because I have read that it is tough to get anything in Switzerland without speaking German completely fluently (don't know to what extent this is true though, would love to hear some opinions). Also, I can't seem to find any discussions on how well HSG places in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and if going to HSG would be viable for working there, but if it does then that would seem a good option.

3) Sweden: SSE, don't really want to live in Sweden out of undergrad though, its dark as shit.

4) Somewhere else in the EU: if anything else seems viable then please let me know, I have kind of disregarded Bocconi as paying 22500 per year seems steep and Italy does not seem to be the best place.

Thank you for your help!


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