IB Recruitment as a Rising Sophomore!!!

I am currently a rising sophomore at a top 20 university in the US. I am currently on summer break and want to know what I should do now to prepare for recruitment. I am currently in a PE internship and have 2 more IB internships at a boutique during the school year. I am also studying technicals from BIWS and teaching myself accounting. 

No matter how much I study, I always feel like I am falling behind, and always need to do more. So my question is, how well-versed should I be in regards to knowing technicals? Is there anything else I should be doing during summer break for the ~60 days I have left? How did current analysts and summer interns at BB and EB prepare during their summer? Thanks.


Ur doing great right now! Would recommend you start networking and reaching out to analysts/associates to learn more about their experiences


At what point in the year should I start doing this? I have heard that if you network too early, they may forget your face/name when recruiting comes around and will not refer you for a 1st round interview. Thanks.


I found that no matter what time of year it is, there is no harm in continuously networking. Even if you scale back your efforts during the "off-cycle" months, there is still a lot to gain. Although there may not be an opportunity at the end of every call, just having a conversation with people in the industry allows you to sharpen your soft skills (which can go a long way in an interview). The more reps you get, the more confidence you will have going into these calls (which will eventually carry over into interviews). 


Your way ahead of most people - even at targets. At this point, work on building a network at the BB/EBs you want to focus on (alum, exit opps, OCR, strength of groups, culture should be all factors in prioritizing). Next steps are to continue to hone technical skills and begin behavioral prep - very important. At the end of the day it’s about showcasing yourself as someone that people want to work with. Also research firms deals, read wsj, etc.

Good luck!


Your resume is very strong.

I would focus on networking with as many people as possible and making sure you come off as interested/ knowledgeable/ sociable in those calls. Practice interviewing and keep brushing up on your technicals. 

It sounds like you are in a great spot, keep at it!


You're way ahead of the game, so don't worry and always keep the constant pressure on you so you keep making progress. I would focus on technicals/networking for now. 


I made a similar post my freshman/sophomore year on this forum and was told to go get laid with very little advice to the career. What happened?


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