Where should I ED?

I’m a rising senior and have to decide where to ED to. I have a couple of schools in mind like NYU Stern, UMich, and Berkeley. Problem is that I don’t know much about the social scene of these schools. What undergrad program is great for banking while also having a good social scene?


You can’t ED to UMich or Berkeley.

Berkeley does rolling admissions, but you can EA to UMich, which is not binding.

From everything I’ve heard, it seems UMich has the best social scene, followed by Cal. Pretty hard not to have fun at a B1G school that is great at sports.

Listing your stats/ECs would help with any advice because you could be competitive enough to apply to an even better school.

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I'd err on the side of caution on your profile. Not to discourage you. But I had very similar profile and had very underwhelming college admissions results. I was c/o '21 in HS, so it's gotten significantly more competitive. Admissions Officers DO NOT CARE about finance/business with exception of maybe DECA involvement and genuine entrepreneurial efforts (although even this is debatable). They care about social impact, activism, and liberal arts // well-rounded applicants. I would highly recommend getting tf off the "option trading" cycle- no matter how good you are, if you are using technical analysis you will be clowned upon (AO's don't GAF, and IBers will laugh you out the door- this happened to my buddy first-hand during SA24 IB recruiting). And even taking the angle of "financial literacy" as a means to weave social activism into your story has been so overused that it's probably considered a cliche amongst the AO's. This being said, I have no doubt that you'll be successful in recruiting for finance once your in college, but be wary of committing to ED to a school that is out of your range, because from the impressions of this comment you seem to have a high perception of your profile, when in reality AO's (who are by and large your typical DEI, woke, and liberal arts // humanities major) do not want to admit a full student body of profiles like yourself because they don't like business hardos.


to be clear, and to summarize, there is no such thing as a "strong finance EC" - that is an oxymoron in the eyes of UG college AO's


Pretty poor DD given that NYU is the only school you listed that allows ED.

That being said, it’s probably not a bad idea to ED there if you’re comfortable with the drawback of not having a college campus.

I’d also add that UVA is also a great school to ED to, as it more closely resembles Berkeley and Michigan and is not as notoriously selective as Stern.


I would early apply to everything, ED to an ivy(wharton maybe?), and then apply Mich, UT Austin(like a southern version of mich), Berk, and ED2 to NYU. Never know how the ED will end up…


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