Anyone has info on HK Job Market?

Hello everyone, 

I'm a final year student trying to break into S&T in Hong Kong or UK, and I was wondering if anyone can provide some insights on the current job market in HK IB/S&T/AMPB industry? 

Also, I recently learned that UK hires most of their entry-level positions through SA programs so it may not be worth it to apply through Graduate position. I was wondering if that holds in HK as well? And are these SA programs always in a rolling basis so is it always beneficial to apply as soon as possible? 

Additionally, I got a newsletter from HK Careers that AMPB is in a greater demand in HK these days so was wondering if that's true and there's more headcount in that field? 

My goal is to purely break into S&T, so any relevant information is appreciated, thank you so much!!!! 

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Completely shitty if you aim to start ur career at the bank. ur right that AM & PB bit better compared to S&T/IB. BUt why even hesitate to apply? Getting through the HR screening at the first place is >70% luck based so u never know what happens to ur application. Write good CV, coverletters, etc, and apply to every opening available. Only way to gauge ur chance to get a job is to apply. 


Thanks for the insight! I see you're a S&T analyst. Do you work in HK as well? Also, in your opinion, are these SA programs all rolling basis so like first come first serve-kinda situation? 


I hate to say this but it’s fair to say u don’t stand a chance this year if u r aiming for actual banks.

U can either go to a grad school and buy urself some time or call ur dad and see if he could pull some strings.


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