Best jobs with exit opportunities in S&T? + good books to keep learning?

I’m an American thats finishing my degree overseas in December this year and because of the unique situation + losing my internship to covid, I feel like it’ll be really hard to secure a trading job right put of the gate. 

I got really lucky in that my school allowed me to kind of build a degree based on classes I wanted to take (basically econometrics with a lot of math/stats/finance math) so i have a pretty solid base thats mostly quantitative. 

With that being said, I’m looking for potential jobs that can give me an opportunity to keep learning and growing while working towards a trading role. I’m pretty confident thats where I want to end up based on research and some talks to people in the area, and would really love to work with derivatives or other engineered products. Any guidance or just someone to help me through this decision would be greatly appreciated. 

As an extra, I’ve studied Hull, Bodie, and a more quant based portfolio management book so I’m wondering what are some new ones I can work through over our next break? I am particularly interested in how to start using these topics/math to build actual strategies. I’ve been a little frustrated in that besides basic valuation based stock screening and regression to build a portfolio, I haven’t been able to really get any experience on what it’s like to build a strategy. 

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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