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Have an interview scheduled for this graduate programme, but it seems theres not enough resources or reviews for Citsec especially for traders. Anyone has an idea or experience for this program? 

Some reviews say it's quite similar to other MM shops like Optiver or JSC(mostly math puzzle, mental math and some probability questions), while some other says strong working knowledge about the options and coding would be tested. 

The reviews here are mixed s.t. I don't have a good grasp of what the contents of this interview would be like.

One other thing curious is that I thought Citsec is solely a market maker, but the program name seems to imply they have a discretionary investing team in Citsec? If that's right, does that imply they will also test the data analysis, advanced statistics knowledge?

Would be really helpful if someone could shed some light for this.

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  • Prospect in PropTrad

CitSec does both prop trading and market making. Most of their trading interns are placed with semi-systematic groups and a lot work on options

qualea, what's your opinion? Comment below:

THanks for the info. 

Have you heard of any cases from graduates? Maybe they are trying to hire both systematic and semi systematic traders regarding each's fit implied from the resume?

  • Prospect in PropTrad

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