College stock trading competitions list

I am looking to put together a list of college trading competitions, both for other WSO users reference and so our trading team can broading it's horizons.

So for the ones I know about are:

The Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC) iRotman Competition (Canada) Registration is $300 CAD. Deadline should be mid Jan 2012. Held around February 17th, 2012 to Saturday February 19th, 2012.

CME Group (pretty large commonidites trading comp) it was oil and gold futures last year
Reg Jan 10, 2012. Preliminary Round: February 16 - March 3, 2012 (electronic and remote)
National Finals: March 6-18, 2012.

Tulane Trading Competition (energy trading)
Does not have a firm registration from what I gather.
Remote Round takes place over two weeks
Week 1: September 20th - September 27th
Week 2: September 27th - October 1st
Finals are October 22, 2010 - October 23, 2010 At Tulane

MII Interactive Investments Conference at U of Mich (stock pitch comp, no trading)
next 2 day competition is in the fall Fall 2011 MII UIC, contact our conference director, David Bleznak at [email protected].

Penn State (equities contest)
Last was held in march, but I think they have quarterly or semester competitions.

Trader's Trophy,
last US leg of the competition was Jan to Feb
this comp started in singapore and HK but last year got Columbia University
New York University,Penn State University, Wharton, Cornell University, and Princeton University involved.

hinkorswim Collegiate Trading Competition (assuming equities on their platform)
To be released Summer 2011 for the Fall 2011 competition.


MIT has had an annual trading competition the last few years. It uses the Rotman client and you have to be in attendance to compete but they only invite certain schools to participate (HYP, Wharton, NYU, Wellesley, Columbia, maybe a few others). CAPS competition

More geared towards long-term investing ( min. holding period one week ) but if you rack up a good score / return it is a great supplemental tool when selling yourself, especially if weak in other areas (GPA, non-target, etc.)


If it's only your school I would think it's neither a positive or a negative. Shows interest but nothing else. If it's a competition that's against several schools then it would definitely look good.

dum vivimus vivamus

I agree with merun...if it was largely and included other schools then it may have a bit more credibility behind it. It would also depend on how large the competition was within your school.

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So no perception of skill, knowledge, and hence value is derived? It just seems quite nonsensical to me that a 1st place winner amongst 40 or so active contestants should be treated as merely an interested party. And what if the returns beat the markets by wide margins? If I was a recruiter I'd at least be intrigued enough to give this candidate an interview.

Can someone who has recruited before confirm this in anyway?


I would not be, a trading competition is not real, shows interest and proves you may follow the markets thats all.

I know people who won class competition, because they went balls long Nortel, praying the 1in1000 chance it rallies on BS asset sales news occurs, and guess what in the final week 2 days tot he end, they got their trade. So they won. We don't look to hire people like that.

These competitions show nothing about discipline or knowledge.

MIT/Rotman style are different since its against other schools, and actual skills.


I would have to see the details of the competition but I cant imagine that one could make any judgement of skill over a one semester or even one year contest. But as noted above it does show some interest and enthusiasm about markets. As a senior in college I actually won a "stock-trading" contest at my school where everyone picked a portfolio of stocks and the winner got a small prize. Realizing it was pure luck i just put all my money in one small, high beta ethanol stock and it happened to get bought at a huge premium by a large energy company. So I ended up winning...but obviously this didnt prove i knew anything about trading.


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