Fixed Income & EFX Client Services

A boutique IB is visiting college to recruit interns for aforementioned role.
I need information about the role is it a S&T role, job responsibilities are following-

Responsible for day-to-day BAU activities of client services team to support Asia/ EMEA/US stakeholders.
• Daily BAU will include coordinating with sales across regions (Europe, Asia and US) and get approvals for giving access to client users to trade electronically on various execution platforms like Bloomberg, Tradeweb, FXall, 360T, etc.
• Gain business knowledge on rates, credit and FX asset classes, trade workflows and concepts like market making and taking liquidity.
• Automate some of the repetitive manual BAU tasks by use of Alteryx, Python or Excel Macros.
• Build workflows for their control framework using Alteryx.

Can someone please give me an idea what the real job is, I have already done a 3 month internship in Institutional ER in consumer sector coverage with leading research firm.

I am interested in role because of brand value and fancy JD, but I really don’t understand what the real job is?


I am college student , IB is visiting to recruit interns for aforementioned role , I can’t seem to understand what the real work is in JD all I can see is fancy technical jargons.

I want to know what the real thing is, is this really a finance role or a client support role where I will be just helping them in solving their queries like a customer support executive

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This sounds like trade support or Ops. eFX doesn’t necessarily need traders. There are sales people who sell the execution algos to clients, sales traders who execute the orders, and then there are quants who do algo research, dev etc.

The job description mentions it’s supporting sales, hence my guess, I could be wrong tho


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