From electronic trading to trading technology job

Hi, I've been in S&T for the last few years (<6), mostly on the algo coverage side. While it has its moments, the skills aren't very transferable. Hence I would like to know what are some viable exit options. 

I have been approached by some trading technology vendor firms (on the lines of Virtu Triton, Instinet and Tradeweb) - would this be a step down ? (not for coding, but client related) Is this a growing segment of the industry?

Anyone who's made the switch out of S&T - where are you now/ do you regret your decision?



Based on the context, it seems like you're considering a move from Sales and Trading (S&T) to a trading technology vendor firm. While the context doesn't provide specific information about the growth of the trading technology industry, it does suggest that having programming skills and being able to work on projects and build products is beneficial in the long run.

As for whether it would be a step down, that could depend on various factors such as the specific role, the company, and your personal career goals. The context suggests that roles in financial engineering/structuring, QIS research, and becoming a quant in a bank could be considered as well.

Regarding regrets about leaving S&T, the context doesn't provide specific examples. However, it does mention the possibility of facing discouragement and challenges along the way, and the importance of keeping sight of the finish line and the potential rewards of more optionality, autonomy, and a better life.

Remember, the decision should align with your personal career goals and what you want for your future.

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