Fundamental Trading Internships?

I am a college sophomore and I am very interested in HF/Trading. I am looking to work as a trader/analyst, but I am a finance major so I do not really possess the academic characteristics (or smartness) for quant. However as I scour for internships the majority of these HF internships seem to be quant. Is there a list or some shops that people could recommend to me that have internship roles that are more fundamentalist in theory. I don't want to be as involved with stem in trading as quant is, but rather be able to pitch myself as a fundamentalist that can code. I've just been struggling to find roles and firms that have this and would appreciate any help.

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I am actually in a relevant role. I am a fundamentals trading analyst at an investment bank. When I found the internship a while back, my angle was mostly to market myself as a fundamentals analyst who can code. In my case, it helps to make sure you have the practical ability to code smt that can be put into daily use right away.

Beyond that, two suggestions come to mind:

Look at the asset class you are interested in and the career progression for that asset class. I think I had the position that I was in half thanks to being in commodity trading space. If you are interested in equity’s fundamentals, starting out in SS ER might be a good way to present yourself as a fundamentalist and bridge into HF in the future as well. (And I don’t believe you’ll be interested in IB since you like trading)

Cast a wide net, a lot of IB S&T programs can provide you with the work you might be interested in. On top of that, although some program’s name might not suggest that, you should be able to thrive as a “fundamentalist who can code” in a lot of non-hf space trading different products.


Why does everyone want to do commodities these days? Literally all the S&T activeposts LTM have been related to physical commodities.  

bring back true S&T like rates and MBS whatnot, not this Swiss commodity crap where only 0.01% get trader seats 


It’s just the part of the cycle and it cracks me up. When Amaranth, Marc Rich happened, everyone want to join Mercuria or Trafigura: when Putin and COVID mess the world up, a bunch of energy trader wannabe will then think commodity trading make your a billionaire.

But when things quiet down, you’re gonna see a post titled “is commodity trading dying?” Lmao


What's the job market like when things quiet down?  Seems like they have very few seats even when the cycle is up.


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