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Hey everyone,

Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to get some advice on my current situation regarding internships. As of now, I am in the internship search process for my rising junior summer. Recently, I received an offer for a commercial lines underwriter intern position at a large insurance company; however, I am not sure on whether or not to take it. This next semester, I plan on shooting for S&T and was wondering if it would be possible to spin this underwriting internship during S&T interviews.

I'm in the process with some smaller PE firms and HF's, with interviews for these firms being toward the end of December or in early 2024. Would it be worth it to hold out and try to get something more applicable for S&T? 

Any insight is appreciated. Also, just want to say thanks to everyone on this forum, I've learned a lot and it has been an amazing resource during my internship search. Thank you.

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I would shoot for something a bit more relevant to S&T. However, there's a ton of value in any professional internship post sophomore yr.

A. Shows you're serious. 

B. Shows a major company saw promise in you over others (really a big deal at this point in life)

C. Shows that you have professional experience and, assuming you do well, are both a good corporate citizen and likely will be invited back.

D. Here's an odd one: you may actually really like the work / company and want to pursue things there. If not, you'll at least be able to rule out a sector of the job market.


Thank you so much for the reply. I really appreciate the insight. Besides the buyside internship opportunities I mentioned in my post, are there any other opportunities that would be considered applicable or "spinnable" for S&T that you can think of off the top of your head? Been very interested in S&T for a couple years now and want to maximize my chances of being able to get an internship for my junior year summer. 


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