Incoming S&T Intern - How can I best prepare to maximise my chances of converting?

Hi there, incoming S&T intern at a top BB, I am about to start in about a month but would like to make the most of the time before preparing. I don't have an amazing background with excel so am learning courses on datacamp to hopefully improve my skills and pick up some VBA too, have had some extensive usage of python in the past however. Am currently reading Options, Futures and Other Derivatives by Hull and plan to read Fabozzi too, but have not found out about desks yet but once I do I also plan to read up on the product too. I am currently quite interested in rates/credit and plan to pick those when I get to desk selection and have been following the markets in both of those respectively. I know in Markets as an intern too fit is a huge thing so am planning to go big on the networking in the coming weeks. What should I prioritise before I hit the desk - does my prep seem fine and is there anything that I'm missing out on that I should include?

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