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Hey guys, 

Long time lurker first time poster here. I successfully passed the screening process and have been granted an interview with the MD and assistant manager of sales for an Institutional Brokerage Sales Assistant position on the fixed income desk. The bank is mostly know for its retail business. (The recruiter said I would support the desk on everything fixed income related from money markets to fixed income mutual funds)

I would sincerely appreciate any tips, tricks and insight you can provide. Additionally any info on what behavioral or technical questions to expect would be a major help.

Provided below are the responsibilities and a brief description of the role. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say and let me know if you need any additional about my background or info. Thanks in advanced !


The bank is seeking a Senior Institutional Brokerage Sales Assistant


Sales Support

•Forward trader runs to appropriate clients

•Take customer orders on behalf of the Senior Sales

•Execute trades on behalf of the Senior Sales Person

•Input trades

•Confirm trade details with customers

•Trade execution - liaise with customer and desk to agree on trade price

•Be the primary sales coverage for a group of smaller accounts

•Daily and month end bond pricing

•Back up Salesperson and execute trades on his or her behalf

•Backup for salary/bonus Sales Reps when they are traveling/off the desk


•Print and deliver daily sales reports

•Open New Accounts

•Create and maintain customer account information

•Answer phones and direct calls to appropriate sales person

•Other responsibilities include producing pitchbooks and distributing marketing materials

Customer Service 

•Research and manage trade problems and fails

•Provide customer service by solving operational issues and processing customer requests such as address changes, statement copies, CEO setup, etc.

•Provide fast and courteous service via telephone and written communications

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