Is it worth trading 2 years for a semi-target in a financial hub? (LONDON/UK)

Hi, some preface - I am 22 this year, and am only now enrolling for my bachelors. This might seem quite late, but it's the norm for someone from my country, students typically graduate HS a year later compared to UK/US, the tradeoff is that you get some credit exemptions in certain countries and there is mandatory army conscription of 2 years.

I am considering which countries to do my studies in -

Australia, in a top AUS uni, where I can get my degree in 2 years

New Zealand, in a top NZ uni, where I can get my degree in 2 years

UK, in a semi-target, but the degree takes 4 years (3 years + 1 year professional placement); or low semi/non-target in 3 years

Since I am interested in IB and ER, and the opportunities for such jobs are vastly more abundant in UK (London). I am torn between my choices.

The reason I can get into the top AUS/NZ uni is because their entry requirement is not high, and most people with decent grades can get in, but in the UK its way more competitive and I can only get into a semi-target at best with my grades.

Given my age, which decision would be the better one? I have seen some threads where it's considered pretty old to be over 25 and going into entry roles in IB.

If i go the UK route, I'll be 26-27 by the time my degree is complete. Do you guys think the year of professional placement is worth it, and if I am set on going into an IB role, (anyone with global experience) is it worth it to sacrifice up to 2 years of time to try break into finance in London instead?

Open to all feedback. Thanks!

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  • Prospect in Consulting
Apr 18, 2022 - 6:37am

Age shouldn't be an issue in recruiting - plenty of people joining after military experience/couple of masters programmes.

What would the prospect of going to top AUS/NZ uni and getting into a global IB look like in Sydney office? Could use this as a pivot to move internally or realise that you don't actually wish to move to Europe...

Very few firms offer placement years in IB

Good luck!

Apr 18, 2022 - 8:08am
gsssa 2050, what's your opinion? Comment below:

This really sounds like either Singapore or South Korea to me in which case ... go to university in Singapore or South Korea. No one looks down on these degrees especially not if you can go to NUS. Maybe Korea is a bit worse but then I'd say got Australia or NZ, Australia has better universities but NZ is cheaper. UNSW, USYD and UTS have almost total monopoly on IB roles, Melbourne is more consulting oriented, and UQ places well in local banks and HFs. I've heard Jarden recruits at University of Auckland but NZ iB scene is 3rd rate

Apr 18, 2022 - 1:52pm
mysteryroop, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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