Python in Sell Side Trading

Curious to hear how sell side traders use python in their everyday jobs.

If you think it was worth it to learn the program then I want to know how you’ve implemented it and what the programs capabilities are.   

And lastly, what’s the best way to learn it? 

Most Helpful

I work at cash equities systematic trading desk. 80% of the work is coding, and use various languages. For python pandas/numpy/matplotlib/scipy are the bread and butter, mainly for optimization and regression testing, while other libraries are used sometimes, those are the main.

But never seen other traders in Equities, except for EQD, who actually code so coding needs greatly differs by desk. 

For FICC/hybrids/exotics it becomes bit different cuz some use PCA, bootstrapping to build some hypothetical curve to pricing. That's all I know for non-Equities as I only did intern at these desk. 

Best way to learn it: just make an interesting project by yourself(e.g. I want to make a model that could predict future vol of my portfolio -> what resources do I need? How can I get those, and if it doens't exist how can I construct it with codes?) this is just a very simple example. Rather than just following the online learning program, doing ur own project will make ur learning curve much steeper

What would you recommend to someone who took the most basic python course in college who wants to learn about python applications in finance?

Are there specific resources you’ve seen / used that apply python to finance?

You can try visualize curves using tidyverse in R, or try to visualize curves in python. You could do basic bootstrapping in python. Maybe also try to find closely correlated products and or PCA if you know that

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