Thoughts on Trading & Shipping Team at BP (Apprenticeship)

Hi everyone,

Looking for thoughts & ideas on the Trading & Shipping Team at BP as they seem to offer an apprenticeship that's 2 years long (only Level 3 / Level 4).

Would love to know about the following:

  • What are my prospects in trading after completing this (assuming I can't progress to a degree which is a Level 6/7 qualification)? For example, could I move to a energy trading desk at an investment bank - or what else could I pursue.

  • Same question as above but how about on the assumption I could progress to a degree qualification? Assuming it will effect my prospects largely.

  • Comp starts at 30.8k, but what would you expect comp to go up to should I continue in here and what could I expect should I move elsewhere after completion? (ties into above Q; dependent on where I can go)

  • What is my future trajectory like internally within BP if I continue in this division? I hear it is a relatively flat hierarchy in trading - but unsure.

  • What is the team's culture like within BP & what would an average day look like as an apprentice - are you basically spoon-fed everything for these 2 years ? I know the grad scheme is 3 years with 3 rotations and then a test to see if you can qualify to become a trader.

  • Final one, how will I even know if I'd enjoy commodities trading? What sort of responsibilities would a grad trader take on in this team for example, what sort of problems would they be looking to solve / what ideas would they look to execute on in this context?

  • From an apprentice POV, how would you suggest developing enough of an understanding of the commodity & it's supply chain?



Hey there,

Based on the most helpful WSO content, starting your career with BP's Trading & Shipping Team could be a great move. It's a solid program that can provide you with a strong foundation in the industry.

After completing the apprenticeship, your prospects in trading could be quite promising. You might not be able to move directly to an energy trading desk at an investment bank, but you could potentially jump ship to a trade shop and start taking on risk there. Prove yourself at a smaller shop and then if you’re good enough, the big players in the industry might start knocking.

If you're able to progress to a degree qualification, your prospects could be even better. You'd have a stronger educational background to complement your practical experience, which could open up more opportunities.

As for compensation, it's hard to say exactly what you could expect. It would likely depend on your performance, the specific role you're in, and the overall market conditions.

In terms of your future trajectory within BP, it seems like there could be opportunities for advancement, especially if you prove yourself to be a valuable asset to the team.

The culture within BP and the day-to-day life of an apprentice would likely vary depending on the specific team and location. However, you can expect to learn a lot and gain valuable experience during your apprenticeship.

As for whether you'd enjoy commodities trading, that's a tough question. It's a fast-paced, challenging field that requires a strong understanding of the market and the ability to make quick, informed decisions. If that sounds appealing to you, then it might be a good fit.

Finally, to develop an understanding of the commodity and its supply chain, I'd recommend doing as much research as possible. Read industry reports, follow relevant news, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your decision.

Sources: BP Trading and Shipping Development Program Interview

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