Trafigura Trader Accelerator Program

Hey dudes, hope all is going well. I noticed Trafigura is hiring for their Trader Accelerator Program. Seems like it could be a great launchpad into trading for relatively junior people currently in non-trading positions or am I mistaken? It seems Traf has had other programs such as International Trader program and maybe some other programs for experienced folks; is this the same program rebranded or something new?

I am currently an analyst with <4 yrs exp. focused on crude analysis at a smaller shop (trading house). The guys I'm working with are great and I think I could get my shot to start paper trading in a few more years.. maybe wishful thinking haha.

My concern would be hitting the ground running at place as ruthless/cutthroat as Traf (current shop is much more laidback). Would also be interested in how Traf is across the oil complex, I'd imagine any oil trading desk is a decent desk to be on? Ideally I imagine Traf would be a great platform where someone can trade - this program would be a route to a trading seat at a relatively junior level.

Anyone with any experience of this program? And if there's anyone with any thoughts on the transition from market analyst to trader, would be keen to hear your thoughts.


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germaneis, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Bump, I want to know aswell.

Btw how did you get your role, where can I learn about those smaller shops?


yung buck, what's your opinion? Comment below:

You learn about them by being a self starter and doing research

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yung buck, what's your opinion? Comment below:

This topic has been answered at length here over the years and countless times in the last few months. There's a thread like this for every person who reads Jack Farchys book

in short its a place you go when you're a proven trader. If the goal is trader i think  you need to prove ur chops at current shop ASAP and then look ahead. If you cant make the analyst->trader in the junior leagues you are unlikely to make that transition at trafigura

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yum401, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I agree with yung buck. I have experience in both power, gas, and fixed income trading. I just finished the initial interview with them and it appears they want someone with trading experience. If you do not have the experience you will probably be more scrutinized during the process. Not saying it's impossible, but it seems like they wanted to know a lot about other trading desks I worked on. However, behavior and culture fit seemed to be two of the biggest topics they were concerned with. 

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Ginny, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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